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Capitoline Sponsor One Day Data Centre Seminars with IET (Institute of Engineering and Technology)

Barry presenting Brussels OCT14 2Capitoline are proud to announce that we are sponsoring a series of IET one day Data Centre Design Seminars to be held throughout the UK during 2010. Each seminar will focus on four major elements;

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  1. The Data Centre Environment
  2. Cooling the Data Centre; The Biggest Energy Overhead
  3. Power
  4. Cabling


The speaker at these events is either Matt Flowerday or Barry Elliott who have over 50 years combined experience in the engineering and IT industries and have specialised in data centre design since 2005.

Data centres are the engine rooms of today’s economy and like any other industrial process they consume vast amounts of energy, judged to be between 2 and 3% of European electricity production according to the EU.

Who should attend
Managers, operators, facilities, estates teams, consultants and contractors involved in the design, specification and operation of data centres and technical rooms.