TIA-942 Audit and Certification

The ANSI/TIA-942, Telecommunications Infrastructure Standard for Data Centers remains the world’s most popular data center standard. Capitoline is pleased to be able to offer auditing and certification of designs and facilities against the TIA-942 Data Center standard. “The TIA-942 standard has proven its value to the industry time over time,” said Stephanie Montgomery, Vice President of Technology and Standards for TIA.

Almost every organisation in the world depends on IT to function. Whether they operate a large data centre or a small computer room, availability is of paramount importance. This has led to a focus on creating fault tolerant data centre design.

There are a number of data centre standards which describe 4 levels of fault tolerance

  • TIA-942 calls them Ratings
  • BICSI-002 and EN50600 call them Classes
  • The UpTime Institute calls them Tiers

The engineering philosophy in each case is very similar although not identical


  1. Enough components to do the job
  2. Some component redundancy
  3. Concurrently maintainable
  4. Fault tolerant

If you would like your data centre design or data centre facility certified against the TIA-942 please bear in mind the following;

The TIA itself does not provide certification against TIA-942. It is a public standard and so a professional individual with appropriate qualifications and sufficient expertise in data centre engineering can certify a data centre against this standard.

Capitoline auditors are Chartered Engineers with many year’s experience in data centre design and auditing. Capitoline has been providing TIA-942 auditing and certification ever since it was first published in 2005 and are probably the most experienced data centre auditors in the world. Capitoline is a member of the TIA and has access to the standards-writing committees and is also a contributor to the European CENELEC data center standards. Capitoline is therefore uniquely positioned to provide auditing and certification of data centres against both TIA-942 and EN50600 data centre standards.

BEWARE. There are some websites which imply they are the TIA or are authorised by them to certify auditors or are the repository of all certified auditors but these claims are simply not true. Just because they have tia or tia-942 in the web address does mean they are part of the TIA. The TIA has merely agreed that they may provide training about the TIA standard. We know this because Capitoline are members of the TIA and are licensed by them to develop and deliver TIA 942 training courses.

Capitoline believe integrity is of paramount importance when offering independent auditing services. If you would like your data centre design or facility certified against the TIA-942 standard please contact us.