Data centre design peer reviews

There are many very good electrical and mechanical engineering consultancies, you may even work for one of them. The skills of their engineering staff are not in question. However, when carrying out a detailed design exercise it is very easy to miss the bigger picture and introduce single points of failure or equipment which requires the IT to be shut down whilst being maintained. These issues may not be important in the design of an office facility or a residential block but for a data centre such design omissions can cause significant costs further down the line.

Perhaps you need to be sure that the data centre design meets a particular Tier or Class. An expert review by an independent specialist like Capitoline will give you reassurance that you are meeting your contractual obligations.

The cost of a peer design review can be considerably less than the cost of correcting mistakes after the construction work starts

It is much easier and cheaper to correct design errors before construction work starts.

In almost every peer review Capitoline have identified improvements which can be made

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