Data Centre Consultants, Auditors and Designers

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Capitoline Data Centre Consultants

Since 2005, customers have come to us for data centre design, audits and certification. Most importantly, we help our customers reduce costs and failures by using better data centre operations management. So if you want the best independent advice speak to us.

Each of our data centre consultants has tons of experience in Engineering, IT and Business Management. They have completed 100s of data centre audits and you can benefit from what they have learnt from these.

So many companies offering data centre advice have something to sell. I wanted someone who was truly independent

Finally, our data centre training courses are the best written, best presented and most comprehensive on the market. Our expert consultants will also teach you and your staff about best practice data centre design and awareness, data centre certification, data centre audits and data centre operations management.

Matt or Barry, the founding Directors of Capitoline, will answer your questions. They both have over 30 years’ experience in IT and Engineering infrastructures. As data centre consultants, they focus on helping customers improve their data centre facilities and operations management. They are also experts in data centre certification and assessment and help develop the International, American and European data centre standards.

Barry Elliott

Barry was previously head of technical support and training for Brand-Rex, Novar plc and Honeywell. He wrote the first data centre course and has extensive experience in data centre design and auditing.





Matt Flowerday

Matt was the owner and CEO of an IT and Engineering infrastructure company for 20 years. He has carried out more than 150 data centre audits and is extensively involved in the development of Capitoline’s unique training.