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Capitoline Director, Barry Elliott becomes Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designer

ATD BarryCapitoline, an independent data centre design, audit and training company, is pleased to announce that founding Director Barry Elliott has been awarded the new Up Time Institute Accredited Tier Designer status.

Capitoline thus becomes one of the few companies in the world to achieve this prestigious award.
The UpTime Institute created a widely recognised measure of resilience and reliability in data centres, known as the Tier I to IV system, whereby Tier IV is the most resilient and fault tolerant.

The Uptime Institute tier scheme is an extension of long established critical systems engineering principles aimed at simplifying the categorisation of data centres with varying levels of resilient design.

[quote]Capitoline is now able to prepare and examine computer room and data centre designs to consider their Tier level and provide the most cost effective designs for the customer.[/quote]

There are formal standards such as TIA942 in Americas and EN506500 in Europe which offer similar classifications and are already well understood by the Capitoline consulting team.

[quote]Capitoline’s own Data Centre Expert qualification compliments the UpTime Institute ATD training by providing a broad understanding of data centre design and operations management and creates an awareness of all the standards and best practices for building and managing data centres[/quote] said Barry.