Data centre build or colocation

When you need more IT space you have a choice;

  • Build a new data centre
  • Rent space in a colocation data centre

There are advantages and disadvantages of each approach and there are many factors which may impact on the final decision depending on the priorities of your business. In the case of a data centre build Vs colocation decision there are three main issues to consider;

    • Security
    • Service Availability and Continuity
    • Cost

Any business decision should be based on facts. Capitoline can help you to establish the facts. Whether you want to know the cost of building a new data centre or get an independent assessment of the Tier or Class of a colocation facility or perhaps an assessment of the operations management of the facility to ensure business continuity we can provide assistance.

Be aware that it is your responsibility to check that the technical reality of a colocation site matches the marketing

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