Data centre feasibility and requirements definition

You need more space for IT equipment and you’re planning to build a new data centre. There are a number of questions you will need to answer;

    • How big does the data centre need to be ?
    • What Tier or class of data centre do I need ?
    • What power capacity do I need ?
    • Where should I build it ?
    • How much will it cost ?
    • Should I build a new one or rent space in an existing data centre ?

These are just some of the questions which need answering. The first stage is to carry out a feasibility study involving all of the key stakeholders. The output of the study should be a feasibility report answering all the key questions, defining the requirement, providing outline design options, timescales and cost estimates and alternatives for colocation (where applicable).

The feasibility and requirements definition provides senior decision makers with the information they need on which to base their decision on how to proceed with the project.

A data centre is a significant investment and perhaps more importantly your business will depend on the service continuity it can provide. Anything which may disrupt that continuity of operation should be identified and the risk assessed before making a decision to proceed. During this process it is also important, as with any investment, to ensure that it provides value for money.

This can be determined through a site location assessment. Guidance is provided in a number of standards.

Capitoline offer a feasibility and requirements definition service. We meet with all the stakeholders in the project and combine our findings with a our extensive knowledge of data centre projects and the data centre market to provide a report on which the management team can base their decisions. If you would like to know more please…