Data centre design

The first stage of any project is to carry out a feasibility study involving all of the key stakeholders. The output of the study should be a feasibility report answering all the key questions, defining the requirement, providing outline design options, timescales and cost estimates and alternatives for colocation (where applicable).

If you tender without a high-level design specification, supplier prices and the designs they offer, will vary widely

High-level design specification
The purpose of this phase is to develop the outline design options into a high-level design of the various systems and layout options. A typical specification will include design philosophy, narrative and key equipment sizing and location. Project documentation, administration and maintenance requirements and an energy management report. It will also include drawings for;

  • Building layout
  • Computer room layout
  • Electrical system
  • Air conditioning and ventilation system
  • Lighting and signage
  • Computer room earthing
  • Fire detection and suppression
  • Security and Access Control
  • BMS/DCIM and monitoring points
  • Cable containment
  • Structured cabling model

Note that a high-level design is not an architectural ‘build-ready’ level of design and the services of an architectural company may still be required for new build and substantial refit projects. However the specification should be sufficient detail for competent suppliers to provide proposals to complete the project.

The next stage of the project is to issue this specification to design and build contractors and choose a contractor to build the data centre.

Capitoline can help you from the initial feasibility stage through development of the design specification and can support you during the procurement process, the build phase, witness testing and commissioning and final approval. We act as your own internal data centre specialist helping you to define your requirement, helping you to choose a supplier, and making sure that the finished data centre meets your requirements. We can also help you to develop the right operational management processes to manage the data centre once it is built. If you would like to know more please…