Salalah Airport Data Centre Design Peer Review, Oman

The new terminal at Salalah Airport envisages an expansion of capacity up to 1 million passengers annually by 2014. The airport has been designed to allow for further expansions to cater for future demand growth to 2 and 6 million passengers annually when the demand is required.

COWI, in a joint venture with Larsen Architects and Copenhagen Airports, are principal consultants on the expansion of Salalah Airport in Oman. As principal consultant, COWI is heading up the joint venture that will carry out the large-scale airport project from planning and designing to supervision of the building works. The assignment comprises runways, approach roads, terminals, baggage handling systems, control tower and all the other buildings and installations needed in a modern airport. The aim is to design a state-of-the-art air-port offering passengers a supreme degree of comfort and safety. ADPI, the subsidiary of Aeroports de Paris, are the project management consult-ants for the development of Salalah Airport. adpi is providing project management consulting service and supervision of the engineering phase, overview of tender allocations, supervision of building phases and supervision of preparation.

Capitoline has been contracted to advise on the data centre designs and to audit the proposed plans for compliance with TIA 942 and other inter-national standards.

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