Gulf University for Science and Technology Data Centre Audit, Kuwait

Capitoline was commissioned to report on the suitability of three data centres and 17 satellite data rooms for the Universities current and future requirements and make recommendations for improvement. Capitoline consultants visited the site and took detailed measurements, photographs and readings. From this a detailed report analysing the power, cooling, cabling systems, security, fire systems and health and safety was produced. As with all Capitoline audits we offered our recommendations for adjustments to meet the ongoing needs of this high tech university was produced.

In January 1997, Kuwaiti Academic Group, comprised of 41 faculty members from Kuwait University, was established to lay the foundation for the proposed “University of the Future.” Their studies culminated in the vision of “Gulf University for Science and Technology” (GUST).

GUST has continually improved and expanded its educational and organisational capacities while steadily increasing its enrolments. At its first commencement ceremony in June 2007, GUST conferred diplomas on approximately four hundred graduates, many of whom were eagerly received by the leading business sectors in the state of Kuwait. The University continues to expand its facilities and with the assistance of Capitoline’s audit report will be able to ensure it has the IT facilities it needs in the future.