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New Dubai RTA data centre, designed by Capitoline, inaugurated

RTA data centre imageDubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) has recently inaugurated its “state-of-the-art” Data Centre to support central IT services to government agencies and ensure continuity of service.

Capitoline provided the initial high level design for this data centre and carried out peer reviews of the detailed design.

The new data centre runs IT systems and Smart Government applications, and facilitates the integration of data between them. This streamlines the delivery of digital services for RTA and the city as a whole.

Explaining its features, Abdullah Al Madani, CEO of RTA Corporate Technical Support Services Sector, said, [quote]The data centre has integrated infrastructure for corporate electronic network systems, together with the hardware and software related to central information security, integrated data storage devices, integrated corporate network link and advanced central systems to ensure durability of servers and continuity of services as well as electronic systems.[/quote]

The facility was inaugurated last month by Chairman of the Board and Executive Director of RTA, Mattar Al Tayer. He said that RTA has made “considerable progress” in the migration from e-government to Smart Government which aims to provide services via mobile phones 24 hours a day.

The data centre will ensure business continuity through multiple and alternative energy resources, generators and advanced eco-friendly power devices fitted with automated systems.

The data centre was designed by Capitoline to meet TIA942 Tier 3 specifications and is a scalable facility to ensure that it can meet the future needs of Dubai and the Government.