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Capitoline Director, Matt Flowerday, becomes UpTime Institute Accredited Tier Designer

Matt ATD LogoCapitoline consultant and founding Director, Matt Flowerday, becomes the latest Capitoline consultant to be awarded Accredited Tier Designer status from the Up Time Institute.

The Uptime Institute tier scheme is an extension of long established critical systems engineering principles aimed at simplifying the categorisation of data centres with varying levels of resilient design.

There are formal standards such as TIA942 in Americas and EN50600 in Europe which offer similar classifications and are already well understood by the Capitoline consulting team.

[quote]I am delighted to have successfully completed the Uptime ATD course. It is an excellent compliment to our own Data Centre Expert qualification which teaches a broader understanding of the data centre environment[/quote] Matt commented.

The Uptime Institute Tier scheme is known by many people across the world although often not well understood. The ATD certification enables Capitoline consultants to assist clients in producing design which meet The Uptime Institute Tier classification.

Elaborating on this point Matt said [quote]Whilst many clients refer to Tiers and Classes, certification of their data centre is often not important to them. What they really want is to make sure it is not necessary to shut down IT services for facility maintenance and that there are no single points of failure in the facility infrastructure.[/quote]