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ING Belgium achieves TIA942 Data Centre Accreditation

ING Belgium has two data centres located in Brussels which have been recently audited by Capitoline to the latest TIA942 data centre standard and have been certified to the Rating system described in that standard.

ING Belgium NV offers all customer segments, retail as well as private banking customers, small, medium-sized and large enterprises, a wide range of financial products and services via the distribution channel of their choice. ING Belgium NV employs 8,337 people full time and is a subsidiary of ING Bank N.V. which offers services to 34 million individual, corporate and institutional customers in more than 40 countries in Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia and Australia.

Barry Elliott of Capitoline said,

TIA942, first published in 2005, was the word’s first data centre standard and is today still the most widely used data centre standard in the world. ING Belgium has made a commitment to raising its IT operations to the highest levels of best practice in the industry and demonstrates that by regular auditing of its facilities at both a technical and an operational management level. Capitoline has been pleased to assist ING in this process with data centre auditing and management training for their staff.

The TIA 942 standard covers Telecommunications, Electrical systems, Architectural requirements and Mechanical systems. From the first letters of each section we can thus derive a TEAM rating for the site or design. TIA942 utilises four levels of Ratings to describe the resilience and redundancy of the design and installation. Ratings 3 and 4 are the highest levels which describe Concurrently Maintainable facilities systems which never need to be shut down for routine maintenance.

TIA942 is an ANSI (American National Standards Institute) approved standard and unlike some ‘tier’ based private standards, which only look at power and cooling, TIA942 looks in detail at power, cooling, structured cabling, location and building requirements, security and fire safety systems.
The Telecommunications Industry Association (TIA), the leading association representing the manufacturers and suppliers of high-tech communications networks, and Capitoline Ltd, a leading data center design, audit and training organization, have entered into a licensing agreement that allows Capitoline to build and conduct international certified training courses for the ANSI/TIA-942, Telecommunications Infrastructure Standards for Data Centers.

The TIA-942 standard has proven its value to the industry time over time,

said Stephanie Montgomery, Vice President of Technology and Standards for TIA.

We are pleased to be able to work with and license Capitoline and other training entities to provide quality, standardized training solutions to a changing and challenging industry.

About Capitoline
Capitoline, headquartered in the UK, is an independent engineering consultancy specializing in data center design, audit and training. Capitoline started the world’s first data centre training in 2005 and has extensive experience in auditing and training in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Capitoline has become the world leader for manufacturer-independent data centre training and auditing. Capitoline is a member of the TIA and has access to the standards-writing committees. Capitoline is also a contributor to the European CENELEC data center standards. This gives Capitoline a unique insight into both American and European data centre standards and this is reflected in Capitoline’s Data Centre Expert training program. Capitoline is ideally positioned to provide auditing and certification of data centres against both TIA-942 and EN50600 data centre standards.