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Capitoline introduces thermal imaging service

Thermal Camera Image

Capitoline has introduced a new thermal imaging service for computer rooms and data centres using state of the art forward looking infra red, FLIR, imaging techniques.

Thermal imaging uses the infra-red light emitted from warm items to indicate their temperature in an easy to comprehend visual format. Thermal imaging, also known as thermography, is especially good at showing small temperature differences between adjacent objects and so has been used in many engineering, medical and military investigative work.

In a data centre thermal imagining can be used to identify overheating IT equipment but in order to do this the operator must understand what temperatures should be expected as normal in a well laid-out data centre and what might indicate potential problems.

[quote]It is simple enough to buy a thermal imaging camera and learn to operate it but the correct interpretation of the results is down to the knowledge and experience of the operator.[/quote]

Capitoline’s thermal imaging service is used to;

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  • Identify overheating IT equipment
  • Identify overheating electrical cables and switchgear
  • Get a ‘snapshot’ of hot and cold aisle temperatures
  • Find cold air leakages through floor tiles
  • Observe solar thermal gains through walls and ceilings
  • Discover failed cooling fans
  • Find IT equipment placed ‘the wrong way round


Find out more about Capitoline’s thermal imaging service and other auditing services here.