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Capitoline becomes EU Code of Conduct for Data Centres Endorser


Capitoline has become an endorser of the EU code of conduct for data centres reinforcing our approach to green and sustainable design for IT infrastructure.

The Code of Conduct was created in response to increasing energy consumption in data centres and the need to reduce the related environmental, economic and energy supply security impacts. The aim is to inform and stimulate data centre operators and owners to reduce energy consumption in a cost-effective manner without hampering the mission critical function of data centres.

The Code of Conduct aims to achieve this by improving understanding of energy demand within the data centre, raising awareness, and recommending energy efficient best practice and targets.

Matt Flowerday, Capitoline founding Director, said [quote]Capitoline is pleased to play its part in promoting the Code of Conduct. We help our clients comply with the EU Code of Conduct recommendations and this in turn helps to reduce running costs by improving energy efficiency in the data centre.[/quote]