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Capitoline introduces new data centre commissioning service

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Using the practical experience derived by Capitoline from auditing, designing and commissioning computer rooms and data centres Capitoline LLP has launched a new on-site service to assist customers in the full commissioning and technical handover of a data centre.

So many data centres are designed and built by unconnected companies that the essential process of fully commissioning a data centre before handover to a customer is often overlooked.

[quote]Data centre commissioning must provide meaningful and appropriate tests to demonstrate system integration[/quote]

The Capitoline data centre commissioning process is designed to provide an holistic review to demonstrate that the datacentre works as an integrated system that will meet the customer requirements or the expectations of international standards such as TIA942, EN50600 and others. It is not intended as a detailed component-level commissioning process as that is better served by the individual sub-contractors and manufacturers installing the key items.

The main focus of the Capitoline commissioning service is to demonstrate effective system integration between principal components and that all essential customer technical documentation is in place.

Some of the main areas that need to demonstrate system integration are;
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  • Automatic Transfer Switches will detect utility power fail and command generators to start
  • Multiple generators will synchronise
  • Generators will pick up the load and stop at the expected time after utility reconnection
  • Uninterruptible Power Supplies, UPS, will pick up the load and maintain the load for the expected time
  • Air conditioning systems can cope with the heat load and deliver chilled air at the correct volume to the correct locations
  • Fire control systems will react as predicted
  • Building Management System, (BMS and DCIM) will monitor, control and inform as expected
  • Security and access control systems will monitor, control and inform as expected
  • Ensure the documentation provided at handover is complete and represents the “as-built” facility


The best time to consider the commissioning process is at the start of the data centre project but Capitoline can also add value to the commissioning process even if late into the build cycle.

This technical service also leads on to the Capitoline Data Centre Operational Management (DCOM) process to ensure that data centre projects continue to be effectively managed throughout their service life.