University of Kent Data Centre Design, UK

A 1970’s computer room was in existence and needed to be totally renovated.
Capitoline designed a 180 m2 computer room with an associated 20 m2 telecommunications entrance facility.

The project required decanting the existing IT installation to other locations and then stripping out and rebuilding the new computer room and a 630 kVA standby generator. After discussions with the University’s IT department and other interested parties Capitoline;

  • Designed the decant requirements
  • Designed the new computer room and entrance room
  • Calculated and sized the power supply and air conditioning
  • Designed the optimal cable interconnection plan
  • Helped pick potential project supply companies
  • Helped pick the winning compliant tender
  • Oversaw the installation against the original specification
  • Signed off the final project and handover to the University

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