Mobily 26 TIA 942 Data Centre Audits, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Capitoline performed a comprehensive Data Center Facility Assessment for 26 Technical Sites to provide insight into Mobily power, cooling and space utilization installed capacities (current loads, available and stranded capacity), level of redundancy, site conditions, risk exposure, and single-point-of failures through a rigorous on-site inspection.

Upon completion of the Physical Site inspection, our consultants developed a comprehensive report based on the International Standards.

After completing the comprehensive reports for every site, our audit team performed a Gap Analysis based on the recommended Tier Rating measured against TIA942:2012.

The assessment included detailed recommendations to rectify the Tier deficiencies and problem areas, in addition to estimated budget for every recommendation.

This assessment exercise helped Mobily visualize the current power, cooling and space utilization, identify under-utilized capacities and ultimately provide recommendations to eliminate potential points of failure.

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