Cheshire Council Data Centre Design, UK

A new dedicated data centre to provide a Tier 3 data processing facility for the use of the Council and other regional local authorities.

Capitoline studied the Council’s existing IT set-up and their planned growth over the next ten years. From this an ideal computer room was designed. This led to the complete data centre design with all the ancillary services required for a completely new standalone building. It was calculated that a 400 m2 computer room was required within a 780 m2 building sitting on a 1500 m2 plot.

A 1.2 MW supply was needed for the entire site. However the Council will only slowly populate the data centre over its ten year life cycle, and so we designed an energy management programme that increased air conditioning energy efficiency usage from the architect’s original 30% figure to one approaching 90%.

After discussion with the Council’s IT and FM department and other interested parties Capitoline;

  • Calculated the optimal computer room space for an initial 42 rack design that can expand to 138 racks
  • Calculated the overall electrical load and designed the N+1 UPS and standby generator plant
  • Designed a unique enclosed cold aisle with air side economiser modular server rack system
  • Designed the complete Tier 3 data centre
  • Worked with the Council’s architect and property developer to turn proposed ideas into a building reality
  • Wrote the detailed design specification

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