Allianz Insurance Data Centre Design, UK

Allianz companies in the UK decided to consolidate their offices into one new relocation project at an eight-story building in the centre of London and appointed Capitoline to advise them on;

  • Main data centre serving the building and Allianz UK
  • Structured cabling to all 2000 desk positions
  • Telecommunications rooms on each floor
  • Audio Visual infrastructure

Main data centre
The building, and Allianz locations in the UK, needed a modern N+1 data centre to support the company’s information and communications technology requirements. Working within the space allocated by the architect Capitoline calculated and designed the;

  • Power supply
  • Air conditioning system
  • Optimal hot /cold aisle layout
  • Cabling interconnect

Structured cabling
Capitoline designed the 6000 outlet Category 6 cabling system complete with Cat6A and OM3 optical fibre backbone and supporting WLAN ceiling positions. Working with the cabling manufacturer and installer Capitoline provided technical design management and auditing of the finished site and test data.

Telecommunications Rooms
Each floor needed a dedicated telecommunications room, TR, to act as the interface between the backbone copper and optical cabling and the horizontal cabling to the desk locations. Capitoline sized the TRs on the basis of a full power over Ethernet (PoE) enabled VoIP telephone system to each desk location, LAN data configuration and ceiling mounted WLAN points. Capitoline calculated the air conditioning and power provision to each TR location.
At Capitoline we used our own extensive design database to arrive at the best design with additional help from the BICSI TDDM manual.

Audio Visual services
Capitoline advised Allianz on the physical infrastructure requirements of a range of audio visual services.

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