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Netia’s Data Center in Jawczyce awarded EN 50600 certificate

Netia’s ‘state-of-the-art’  Data Center Mind in Jawczyce near Warsaw has been certified in accordance with the EN 50600 European standard. This is the first DC facility operating in the Warsaw area to meet this very demanding and comprehensive standard. Why is it worth using such a certified facility?

Nowadays, the awareness that safety is a resultant of many “nuances” is increasingly breaking through in the minds of customers. Various studies show that for about 40 percent of companies, certification (right after total cost of ownership) is a key factor in choosing a DC facility.

But ‘standard’ does not always mean the same… In recent years, more and more companies that offer commercial DC services decide to certify newly built facilities in accordance with the EN 50600 standard.

EN 50600 is an official standard of the European Union that was developed by CENELEC (European Committee for Electrotechnical Standardization) and adopted by the European Commission, and then ratified by the EU member states, including the Polish Committee for Standardization, as PN/EN-50600 standard.

Importantly, the standards that make up EN 50600 cover all areas related to the construction, operation and use of data centers. This is probably the reason why EN 50600 appears in many guidelines, including the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority’s communication on cloud computing by supervised entities. The EN 50600 standard is also mentioned in Resolution No. 97 of the Council of Ministers of September 11, 2019, which relates to the “Common State Information Infrastructure” initiative.

Currently, in Poland there are 4 operating DC facilities certified in accordance with EN 50600 standard, including the facility in Netia’s DC Mind, the only one in the Warsaw area. Two Warsaw facilities of other large telecommunications operators are also being prepared for European certification.

In EN 50600 there are 4 certification levels (Class 1, 2, 3 and 4). Netia’s Data Center in Jawczyce (DC Mind) is certified as Class 3 but many elements of the infrastructure were made up to standard level four.

The new, fully green-powered Netia Data Center MIND in Jawczyce near Warsaw has now been operational since the beginning of April 2021. In its third week of operation, this state-of-the-art Data Center has been already filled up to 32%!

The first client who, among others, uses the collocation and leased lines services, “remote hands” services and rents additional office space is CloudFerro, a company providing cloud computing services.

“Due to the dynamic growth of CloudFerro, we were looking for another data center in Warsaw which would scalable to at least 100 server racks. One of the most important selection criteria was the safety and reliability of the facility, starting from physical security, power supply and cooling, i.e. from the use of the latest technologies to its location. What is extremely important for both us and our clients is selection of solutions that are environmentally friendly, which in this case is ensured by high energy efficiency of the facility and use of renewable energy sources. The new server room in Jawczyce meets all our requirements in this respect,” said Grzegorz Pawlicki, Hardware & Procurement Team Manager at CloudFerro.

“Over the past year we have done a tremendous job in preparing the product, the marketing offer and sales activities. We have launched a number of initiatives to support commercialisation and we already have positive results. Such efficient commercialisation also confirms that the strategic development directions set by Netia Next are correct and that the professional data center market in Poland still has the best ahead of it, as does the local cloud service market,” said Rafał Bakalarz, B2B Sales Director for ICT.

The certificate of compliance with the requirements of Class 3 of EN 50600 standards was awarded to Netia Data Center MIND in Jawczyce by UK consultancy Capitoline with local partner Polski Instytut Data Center S.A.