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BRG Technologies achieves TIA 942 Ready status for the BladeRoom Data Centres Hyperscale System Design

TIA942* is the most widely used data centre standard in the world. First published in 2005 and
constantly updated, it gives a technical framework for defining the resilience of data centres based
on their unique Rating system.

A Rating 4 qualification is the highest, as it defines a completely fault tolerant system with no single
points of failure. Most data centres, however, strive to achieve Rating 3 which is defined by its ability
to be concurrently maintainable, i.e. there is never any planed downtime as all vital services are
effectively duplicated.

The TIA approves designs, and installed data centre facilities, according to its TIA942 Rating system.
Additionally, any significant subsystems which can form a substantial part of an installed facility are
also approved. The latter is called TIA942 Ready.

Data centre operators know that if they build a data centre out of TIA942 Ready subsystems then
achieving a full TIA942 Rating for the whole facility is going to be straightforward. The TIA is
responsible for writing the ANSI/TIA-942 standard and appointing Certification Bodies to oversee the
inspection of designs, complete installations and TIA942 Ready subsystems and to certify them
according to the standard. 

Over 200 certifications are awarded annually and listed on the TIA website.

Capitoline Ltd are a UK-based independent engineering consultancy that is one of the few TIA-
licensed Certification Bodies world-wide. Capitoline audit data centre designs, installed facilities
and TIA942 Ready subsystems.

In February 2023, Capitoline conducted an in-depth analysis of BladeRoom Data
Centres Hyperscale System data centre design. Upon completion of the analysis, it was concluded
that the design met the Rating 3 requirements of TIA942. 

This covered the BladeRoom System’s mechanical construction, power supplies, cooling, IT cabling,
fire detection, fire suppression, BMS capability and physical security.

The BladeRoom Hyperscale System is engineered to meet the specific technical and operational
requirements of companies with hyperscale IT requirements. 

BladeRoom Data Centres  manufacture the world’s most sustainable data centres and do so more
efficiently than anyone else. BladeRoom currently has over 165 data halls in operation across the
globe, from New York to Melbourne, providing more than 130MW of capacity and registering in
excess of 12million hours of operation. They are one of the fastest growing companies in Europe,
recently ranking in the top-500 of the Financial Times 1000.

BladeRoom Data Centres are part of BRG Technologies, the global leader in the off-site construction
of mission-critical facilities, specialising in the data centre and healthcare sectors.

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