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Audits of AMS-IX’ co-locations leads to new and renewed certifications

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Capitoline, the leading independent specialist data centre auditor, and Internet Exchange AMS-IX have renewed the certifications for most of its data centres for the next two years. The audits of the data centres took place according to AMS-IX’ updated Data Centre Standard.

Again certifications are assigned to Telecity, Global Switch, Equinix, EvoSwitch and Interxion. Only Terremark received its certification for the first time. SARA and Nikhef data centres were certified in the end of 2010. They will be re-audited as part of an ongoing program intended to ensure the quality of the technical infrastructure as well the operational documentation and processes, and thus continuity of service.

The Capitoline/AMS‐IX audit standard includes all the relevant requirements of many standards including TIA 942 and ISO 27000. Also the best practice data centre operational management is checked. In this way Capitoline and AMS-IX build up the most useful data centre business continuity standard and audit tool available today.

Job Witterman, CEO at AMS-IX, says: [quote]Because of the continuing dependency on Internet connectivity of businesses and individuals we need to secure continuous availability of service. The regular auditing of our data centre hosts ensures that they have the infrastructure and operational processes to support the continuity of our carrier grade peering services to the connected parties. Since the start of this audit program we have not suffered an outage due to a data centre failure.[/quote]

Matt Flowerday, Partner at Capitoline LLP, says: [quote]Many customers of co-location data centres choose their hosting site purely on cost, cursory review of the site and the specifications provided in marketing materials. From our experience we know that a true understanding of the resilience provided by a co-location data centre is only realised through an in-depth audit of both the technical infrastructure and the operational procedures. The AMS-IX standard and audit process does exactly that.[/quote]